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Thank you for your interest in writing a guest post for Ecologica.life.

Writing is a great way to make an issue visible. It gets a discussion going about something that maybe isn’t being discussed.

Writing also helps you to organise your thoughts. We need to write or talk to others to understand ourselves and the world better.

It is also a good way to show your expertise and establish yourself as an expert in the field. You’ll also get exposure through our social media channels and our goodwill.

Please read this page carefully if you would like to contribute.

What We Are Looking For

We want passionate people with something to say.

At Ecologica.life, we are primarily focused on having a good impact on the environment. Sharing important information can have a good impact.

Our main topics are Environmental Impact, Climate Change, Health, Nature, Science and Sustainable living. Feel free to browse our articles to get a better idea of the scope of these themes.

To increase your chances of success, make sure your submission,

  • Is a relevant, well-researched article (600-2000 words) with actionable tips,
  • Isn’t pessimistic. Too much news about the environment these days is pessimistic. While reporting on the problem is important, try to focus on the solution, not just the problem,
  • Is 100% original and unpublished elsewhere,
  • Only includes claims that are backed up by links to credible research or resources. Avoid using promotional links to websites.

General Guidelines

  1. We don’t attack or lay blame.
  2. We always try to focus on the solution, not just the problem.
  3. All information presented is accurate to the best of our knowledge, with appropriate citations to support the information.
  4. We always try to approach our articles from an honest place, doing our best to provide a balanced view of the issue.

An Ecologica.life article can be about any subject that has some connection with the earth or the environment. Ecologica.life articles often deal with scientific and health issues related to the environment. This can be something as simple as recycling, to cooking, to pollution, to science and even war and politics, as long as the article has an environmental component.

Ecologica.life wants to remain objective in our publications, therefore we do not take a personal stance or associate ourselves with any organisation, religion, sect, political party, or nationality. We believe in equal values for all individuals and therefore do not tolerate any hate, disrespect, or foul language towards anyone.

Articles on Ecologica.life should be presented in a factual manner. Where data or facts are presented, they should be presented in a scientific manner, always citing the source of the data. Articles should always provide authentic insight and honest communication.

As a general rule articles should also be:

  • Easy to read and understand,
  • Well researched,
  • Grammatically correct,
  • Interesting.

Articles should NEVER plagiarise information from other sources and should be written in the author’s own words. Similarly, articles should not repeat or copy information that has already been published in other articles on Ecologica.life

Our articles are written by environmental enthusiasts who share our vision and our guidelines for sharing information.  We are usually looking for people with an environmental, scientific, or other relevant background who can contribute to our internet resource.

The Benefits

  • Exposure to a huge audience
    The blog receives over 50,000 unique visitors per month and climbing. All high-quality articles are also included in our monthly newsletter as well, giving your piece exposure to a wider audience who will read and share your content. 
  • Social Media Exposure
    We maintain an active presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. All your articles will be shared on these networks for additional exposure.
  • Payments
    Please note that we do not pay for your articles. If you’re a professional writer and think you can write great articles for us, please contact us with some previous writing samples.

Final Notes

We receive 5-10 submissions per month. Avoid sending multiple emails asking if you can publish with us. If we choose to publish your article, you’ll hear from us.