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Last Updated on April 11, 2024 by Ecologica Life

An intriguing fact about Instagram is that it initially started out as a check-in app called “Burbn”.

Instagram co-founder Kevin Systrom originally developed Burbn as a location-based app that allowed users to check in, post plans, and share photos at specific locations. However, Burbn was overly complicated and cluttered with features, making it difficult for users to navigate.

Recognising the need for simplicity, Systrom and Mike Krieger, the other co-founder, decided to strip Burbn down to its core photo, comment, and like features. This pivot led to the creation of Instagram as we know it today, focused solely on photo sharing.

The app’s name “Instagram” is a mix of “instant camera” and “Telegram”, reflecting its focus on instant photo sharing. Instagram was launched on October 6, 2010, and became an instant hit, attracting over 25,000 users on its first day. This simplicity and focus on visual content are what ultimately set Instagram apart and led to its massive success.

There are now reportedly 2 billion monthly active users on Instagram. For this reason, and because of our recent app launch, we have decided to join Instagram (@ecologicadotlife) to provide our followers with regular, visual content.

Why follow our Instagram?

Image shows a person taking a picture of nature with Instagram.
Credit: Jeremy Levin/Pexels

We will primarily use our Instagram account to share Ecophotos from our app, Ecologica.Life: Eco Traveller. Ecophotos are pictures of nature or something related to the environment.

We will try to share the most beautiful images of nature on our Instagram, as well as exclusive content from the app and even the occasional behind-the-scenes look at our work, our mission and our team.

We believe in using digital solutions to solve environmental problems. By growing our audience and community, we are one step closer to achieving our mission. If you want to contribute to this, download our app Eco Traveller and be part of the community that wants to make a difference!

So check out our Instagram (@ecologicadotlife), like, comment and share our content, and tag us in any of your own eco-related photos also!

Let us know in the comments what content you would like to see, or what ideas you might have to improve our Instagram presence.

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