Tuvalu, The Metaverse, One Desperate Attempt

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It has recently been announced that Tuvalu is going to use the metaverse in a desperate attempt to save itself.

One Country with a Desperate Message

In order to combat the existential threat posed by increasing sea levels, the Pacific island nation of Tuvalu intends to construct a metaverse replica of itself. Simon Kofe, the minister of law, communication, and foreign affairs for Tuvalu, revealed in a chilling digital speech to COP27 leaders.

Creating a digital duplicate of Tuvalu in the metaverse would allow for the replication of its stunning islands and the preservation of its rich culture.

“Tuvalu could be the first country in the world to exist solely in cyberspace – but if global warming continues unchecked, it won’t be the last”

Simon Kofe, COP27

Could the Metaverse offer Immortality to Tuvalu?

If Tuvalu’s population are compelled to relocate, then the metaverse might allow Tuvalu to “fully function as a sovereign state.”

It is unclear at this time if Kofe’s message is a serious proposal or just a stark reminder that Tuvalu is as the forefront of climate change. Kofe implies that through the metaverse, Tuvalu’s territory, culture and sovereignty could be maintained. It is a grand idea, but whether it is actually feasible remains to be seen.

There are two sides to this story. One involves a small island nation in the pacific that is threatened with extinction and is trying to use technology to maintain its national identity. The other is that Tuvalu would preferably avoid the worst consequences of climate change and maintain its status as a real-world nation. The speech given by Simon Kofe to the world leaders at COP27 is to remind them of that reality.

Let us hope that Tuvalu won’t have to rely on the metaverse to preserve its country. Let us hope that the solutions are based in truly tackling climate change, something that all of us must face.

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